Pressing Pause On High Sierra


By now you can tell that we love new Apple technology, hardware or software alike; but more than we love new stuff, we love our "Core family" (that's you guys). On Monday, September 25th, Apple's latest operating system named High Sierra will be available for download in the App Store as a free download, keeping in line with the last four OS upgrades. Before you install it, here's our advice: DON'T. Not yet anyway. Here's why: 

  • Incompatible Software - If you have any business critical software on your computer, and chances are that you do, running any operating system upgrade can mean losing access to those pieces of software without paying for updates or in some cases permanently. Running Quickbooks for Mac? How about a locally based CRM like Daylite? Historically, software vendors are forced to be slightly behind Apple's releases due to differences in beta versions versus the initial release. This means delayed compatibility, or even the discontinuation of historical versions because of an inability to adapt.
  • Initial Release Bugs - Almost every initial release of a new Apple operating system has come with what we like to call "unplanned features". Immediately following the installation of Apple's most recent two, El Capitan and Sierra, Apple Mail was almost unusable because of constant crashing and freezing. Losing access to something like email can be kind of a big deal.
  • No Going Back - Well, there's no instant way to go back anyway. Unless you have a Time Machine backup of your computer prior to your upgrade to High Sierra, you'll be living through all of those unplanned features with the rest of us. Then again, even if you do, you're looking at an hour (give or take) to restore you back to your backup so that you can get back to work.

We're definitely not saying "don't upgrade", we're simply saying "let's upgrade together, in a planned and deliberate manner". We'll be installing the first release of High Sierra on Monday, as well as every patch thereafter, so we'll know about these kinds of issues as soon as we can; from there, we'll develop a plan for you and your team to upgrade, well, because that's what we're here for!

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