High Sierra Root Vulnerability


Yesterday morning, several prominent tech news outlets began publishing articles and social media snippets exposing a major flaw in Apple's latest release of their current operating system known as High Sierra. Consequently, Apple quickly released a downloadable security update in the App Store that remedies this vulnerability, so let's hit the high points: 

What does this vulnerability mean?

  • Given that certain variables were present, root access was available to an end user's machine without knowledge of any current local user account passwords.
  • For an in depth explanation, check out The Verge's article here.

What should I do?

  • Just before the public release of High Sierra, we published an article urging you to wait on upgrading your computers to the newest macOS. If you did in fact hold off, you're fine, this vulnerability affected High Sierra users only.
  • However, if you did upgrade to High Sierra in the last couple of months the very best thing you can do is run the available security update within your Apple App Store immediately. For more on that specific release from Apple, check out their official post here.

As always, we're here for any questions you might have regarding this or any other technology concerns you might have. As we mentioned in the original article regarding a delay in operating system upgrades, there are always oversights in releases such as these, but we take solace in the fact that Apple acted quickly and decisively as we trusted that they would.

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