Apple Watch Series 3 - Our Verdict


We know, we know...we're fans of most things that Apple does; hear us out though. We love the new Apple Watch, which you can tell by visiting our office and taking a look at the wrists of our guys. Quite frankly, most of us just don't normally wear wristwatches, but over the last few months, this watch has spread like a slow, steady fire amongst our staff.

Admittedly, the Series 3 is not that large of an upgrade when it comes to health monitoring or benefits which is one of the largest reasons people that are normally "non-watch wearers" take the plunge and strap on a wrist device (see also the Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, etc). It's even more swim-proof than before, but watchOS 4 is really what takes overall health benefits to the next level in the Apple Watch series.

It's the cellular capabilities that put this watch over the edge, which we know is the popular answer, but that doesn't make it not true. We've heard the arguments made relative to the added cost of the cellular service, but if we're being honest, what device allows you to make semi-autonomous phone calls without some kind of cost associated? Sure, you can make calls through your computer, provided that your phone is sitting in the general vicinity. With the new Apple Watch, you can leave your phone at home, get to the office, and still function which we find huge as busy, somewhat scattered people. Add in improved Siri, and the benefits of pairing a set of AirPods with it, and it's a must have tech device.

Do yourself a favor: Go get one. While you're at it, grab a set of AirPods, you'll thank us later.

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