Annual Review Meeting - Closing Early


As far as I know, I don't have any real allergies. Ragweed, pollen, bee stings, I can handle them all like a champ. But complacency? Now we have a problem. I hate it, we hate it, and it's something that we battle against (as any good company should) almost daily.

How you might ask? The answer is a simple one, the execution not so simple; by constantly being introspective. We're always analyzing the processes and procedures that we have in place to see if  we or they can be better. Even the ones that seem to be working flawlessly! Why? To avoid complacency like the plague that it is ( excited there).

To that end, every year in early January we close up shop a little early for our annual review meeting. We all gather in a room and look back at everything that happened during the year prior, both the good and the bad, in an effort to make the next year the best that it can possibly be. Here's what we discuss:

  • What Went Well - It's important to celebrate wins from the year prior. Our team works incredibly hard, so we take a few minutes to enjoy that as a group.
  • What Went Poorly - No company or staff is perfect, we all make mistakes. Making them twice is where the real problems set in. We try to recognize those during this time so that we all grow accordingly.
  • Planned Adjustments - Whether they're adjustments that are the result of mistakes made, or major workflow adjustments (new software, new processes, etc.) made in the spirit of improvement, we talk about them at great length here.
  • Goals - Personally, I love this part of the conversation. What are we aiming for? How will we get there in the year to come? Everything we do as a company is predicated on the hard work and faithfulness of all of our staff, which makes discussing our goals as a team vital to our success.
  • Open Forum - Every voice matters, every opinion considered. We believe that, and try to encourage that on a grand scale by ending our meeting with a "no holds barred" opportunity for our team to voice anything and everything that they feel compelled to discuss.

Ultimately, the reason we do this is to be the very best that we can be for you, our extended family. We'll be closing up at 4:00 p.m. (CST), Monday, January 15th, but will continue to monitor for emergencies during the meeting. Follow our Instagram account for pics of our group during the session!


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